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Our system treats patients as individuals. We prioritize your care with services designed to meet your unique needs. We also emphasize community service, education, and awareness, hosting classes, clinics, and events in order to better serve our community.


The Kibuli Infectious Disease Clinic (KIDC) is a dedicated service point to handle health care needs of persons living with HIV and AIDS and also caters for clients with TB and hepatitis. Clients receive continuous counselling and education on how to positively live with their conditions. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the clinic ensures that there is an ever present supply of antiretroviral medicines as it is known that these help to reduce the disease carnage. All routine investigations requested by the clinic that are not offered by the ministry are offered at a much subsidized cost to the clients.


The pharmacy department is charged with ensuring that medicines are prescribed, supplied, and administered to patients in a timely and cost effective manner. The department also ensures that the medicines and unbiased information concerning them is readily available to the healthcare team and clients to ensure safe use of these medicines.

There are two pharmacies; an outpatient one located on the ground floor of the outpatient department building and a second one that caters for the inpatient needs located on the second floor of the Somani Complex.


With a 35 bed capacity and I a full time 6 strong man professional team, the pediatric ward at Kibuli Moslem hospital has become a reference unit for diagnostic and management of pediatric emergency care, sickle cell disease, child nutrition, palliative care and general common childhood ailments.

Given the high patient recovery percentage, a negligible readmission and referral rate, the unit has over the years grown from strength to strength in nurturing sustainable child health.

Eye Centre

The Kibuli Eye Centre is one of the prides of the hospital. It has recently been equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to provide more specialist eye care than the country has seen before. The clinic provides the basic eye examinations, refractions diagnosis and management of the more commonly known eye ailments.

Some of the specialist equipment include the: Visual Field Analyzer, Fundus Camera, Ultrasound Machines for A-Scans and Biometry, YAG Laser Machine and  Argon Laser Machine.

Theatre and Surgery

The Department of Surgery at Kibuli Muslim Hospital is a highly regarded one in the country and among its aims is to provide holistic care to our patients. We understand that surgery is not just about scalpels and retractors and as such take it as a must to comprehensively manage our patients by incorporating the social and physiological care with a human touch atop the clinical and surgical treatment they receive.

The theatre floor on the Somani Complex has five fully equipped operating rooms with one reserved for the very septic cases. We as such handle cases that encompass paediatric, gynaecological, general, orthopaedic, ophthalmologic, urology, ENT fields among others.


Radiology is an integral part of patient care. The radiology department at Kibuli Muslim Hospital is housed on a multi-storied modern development, on the ground floor occupying a quarter of the out-patient wing.

We offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic services in ultrasound and x-ray imaging in a safe and comfortable environment. Our three-phase rotating anode x-ray and mammography machines allow for high quality image acquisition on a walk in basis.

Our dedicated echocardiography and high resolution ultrasound machines are used to carry out heart, vascular, breast, abdomen, pelvic, obstetric, thyroid, scrotal and musculoskeletal investigations.


Physiotherapy is a health-care profession that deals primarily with individuals who have impairment in the ability to move, helps to restore function, relieve pain resulting from; Nerve injury, medical conditions, orthopedic conditions, sports injury and many more.

Our physiotherapists are sufficiently trained to as much as possible prevent physical disabilities from occurring or where they have already occurred to prevent further injury and promote recovery of possible normal function of the affected parts of the body.

At out clinic, the physiotherapists use conventional exercises, electrical-therapy modalities, massage and instruction of the patient care-givers and family in appropriate self-care activities following physical injury or disability and other treatment techniques to achieve the above.

Dental Clinic

The clinic is managed by a senior dental surgeon with experience in providing a complete range of oral healthcare services that include routine outpatient and inpatient oral care. The team comprises of a dental surgeon, dental assistant and nurse. A visiting oral and maxillofacial surgery is available when needed.

The services offered include; Oral health education,  Conservative dentistry (cementing/filling), Endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) Orthodontic treatment (teeth alignment), Prosthodontics (teeth replacement), Periodontics (gum disease treatment), Oral surgery (teeth extraction, jaw fracture management, tumor management).

The treatment costs are manageable as ours is a not for profit hospital. Clients covered by insurance firms are advised to check with their respective service providers to ascertain their cover.


KHM laboratory is headed by Mr. Ssekabira Twaha a technologist by profession with a vast experience of 11 years in laboratory works. It’s well established and manned by a team of well-trained professionals. Two technologists, four lab technicians, four lab assistants and one phlebotomist.

Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated automated systems which ensure quality, timely, reliable and affordable services to our clients. The laboratory is sectioned into different section, inclusive:

Hematology: Tests include; Full haemogram/ Cell blood count, Blood grouping, Hb estimation, Coombs test, Film comment, Hb electrophoresis, Sickling test, Reticulocyte count, Coagulation tests etc.

Clinical Chemistry: Tests include; Lipid profile, Liver function, Renal function, Bone metabolism, Cardiac enzymes, Hormonal tests etc.
Microbiology; For identification of pathogenic microorganisms i.e. bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses.

Immunology: Entails the functioning of the immune systems. It involves immunological assays (ELISA techniques) and serological tests.  Tests include; HIV, Hep A, B, C, Hypersensitivity reactions, and Auto immunity.


KHM Ambulances are generally equipped to respond to medical emergencies. We are responsive, reliable, flexible and professional to rapidly transport medical personals, carry equipment to administer emergency cares and transport patients to definitive health care centres.