Physiotherapy is a health-care profession that deals primarily with individuals who have impairment in the ability to move, helps to restore function, relieve pain resulting from; Nerve injury, medical conditions, orthopedic conditions, sports injury and many more.

Our physiotherapists are sufficiently trained to as much as possible prevent physical disabilities from occurring or where they have already occurred to prevent further injury and promote recovery of possible normal function of the affected parts of the body.

At out clinic, the physiotherapists use conventional exercises, electrical-therapy modalities, massage and instruction of the patient care-givers and family in appropriate self-care activities following physical injury or disability and other treatment techniques to achieve the above.

The patients may include accident victims, and individuals with disabling conditions such as low back pain, fractures, head injuries, arthritis, and cerebral palsy among others.

Kibuli physiotherapy department is well-equipped and ready to actively manage a considerable range of physiotherapy conditions therefore welcomes all. We are located on the Out Patient Building on the ground floor, Room 7.